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Details, Details: We're Close to Opening!

Healdsburg Bubble Bar set to open February 2024
Healdsburg's new (blue) jewel box.

The Bubble Bar grand opening is only a few short weeks away (be sure to subscribe for updates) and I'm bubbling over with anticipation. We're in the final stages of construction and putting on the final touches; like the lighting and mirrors on the interior, and the railing for the outdoor patio. We are so close to our final inspection and then we can officially open the doors!

We've come a long way since we last reached out and wanted to give you an update with some sneak-peek pictures of our progress.

Going for Gold

Modern Parisian design awaits Bubble Bar guests.
Finding the perfect gold for the new menus.

We've been working with the incomparable Kim Dow at DowHouse to design our fabulous logo and much anticipated custom menu. She has a way of making design look easy and is bringing our brand to life in ways we couldn't have dreamed. Who knew there were so many variations of gold foil? It's these thoughtful details that we hope will transport our guests to a place where they feel as if they've just strolled down the Champs-Élysées and stumbled upon a cozy wine bar to imbibe in a glass or share a bottle of bubbles.

The sparkling-centric list is shaping up to include 8 to 10 by-the-glass features, more than 40 sparkling bottle offerings, 6 to 8 beers, 3 non-alcohol options, and a selection of snacks to perfectly pair with it all. There is truly something for everyone - whether you're looking to sip on something familiar or discover something new.

A glimpse at the vintage porcelain plates and golden flatware being sourced by 19Thrifty for serving small bites and to look great with the new seating. To see more photos, follow us on Instagram @healdsburgbubblebar.

More to come about the official opening date in the near future. See you soon at Healdsburg Bubble Bar.

Cheers -


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1 Comment

This is fantastic news!! I love all the vintage touches. Cannot wait!

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